Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour

Busch Gardens Tampa offers a plethora of fun rides, shows, and events, but for a more exclusive experience, consider the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour.

This private tour provides a remarkable experience, making the amusement park feel like your backyard.

With the Elite adventure tour, you can avoid the crowds and have first access to every park service, all while being guided by an informed guide to maximize your experience.

This personalized tour takes care of hassles like overcrowding, parking, and dinner reservations, making it incredibly worthwhile, especially during the summer or holidays.

With the Elite Adventure tour of Busch Gardens, you receive special attention and services as guests of honor in the park.

You can enjoy rollercoasters and rides without waiting, access reserved seats, and have your entire visit mapped out with a customized itinerary provided by the park.

Fast track tickets also give you a chance for a fantastic adventure, allowing you to see Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with options to add more services and upgrades.

You can also utilize your itinerary to roam the park according to your terms.

You can take help from the itinerary and ideas we have compiled here.

The cost of the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour starts at $430 on weekdays, while on weekends, it’s $480.

The overall price range is from $430 to $680 depending on the day of the week, occasions, festivals, demand, etc.

The Busch Gardens Tampa Elite Tour package requires at least 2 visitors, with prices ranging from $430 – $680. 

To check the prices during your visit, look at the price calendar on the official website under the “Things To Do – Elite VIP Tour” section.

Animal lovers not only have ample time to observe all the wildlife up close but also get the chance to interact with them without waiting in line.

The guides also provide valuable knowledge about the animals while guests observe them from a distance.

Animal interaction goes to the next level on the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour, where there are opportunities to hand-feed giraffes and other animals and birds. 

Safety is maintained during all animal interactions.

What is Included in the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour Package?

Some other Busch Gardens Tampa VIP Elite Tour inclusions are:-

  • A Serengeti Safari tour covers all the beautiful wildlife in the Serengeti Plains, hand-feeding giraffes and interacting with other animals, including birds.
  • Complimentary beverages keep you refreshed on your tour.
  • First access to all attractions at the park ahead of general and quick queue lines.
  • Lunch at any restaurant of your choosing.
  • Photo session with animals, including the giant Aldabra tortoises.
  • Preferred Parking spot.
  • Private seven-hour tour of the park, covering almost all attractions.

How Can One Make A Reservation for the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour?

Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour reservations can be made online or by phone. 

Reservations are preferred for an even smoother process.

To make a reservation by phone, call 813-884-4FUN (4386).

After making the reservation, the Busch Gardens team will follow up with check-in information before your Elite Adventure tour begins.

Usually, the VIP tours can start at 10 am along with the park’s opening or from 3 pm until closing. 

However, the availability of these slots may change during busy or festival times, and only one of these slots may be available during those times.

What Are the Age Requirements for Animal Interactions?

Here are some additional points to remember before embarking on your Busch Gardens Elite Adventure Tour:

  1. Specific age requirements apply for animal interactions if you have children with you. 

Children must be older than five years to participate in the Serengeti Safari and Kangaroo feeding and at least three years old to interact with Aldabra tortoises.

  1. Theme park tickets need to be bought separately from the VIP Tour package.
  2. Bus pass members can enjoy a 20% discount on the Busch Gardens Elite VIP Tour.
  3. Children can join the tour, but entry for babies and kids up to three years of age is free. However, a paying adult must accompany those under 18 on the tour.
  4. If you wish to cancel your Busch Gardens Elite Adventure Tour, please provide at least 48-hour notice for the cancellation to be eligible for a refund.

The Busch Gardens Elite adventure tour reviews are generally positive, with many approving that a VIP tour enhanced their stay at the park and led to a better time. 

It is highly recommended and considered worth the money. So consider giving yourself and your family a treat by purchasing the VIP Tour package. 

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