Busch Gardens Tampa Ride Height Requirements

The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is famous for its thrilling rides, but safety is a top priority. 

Height requirements for rides, set according to safety regulations, ensure the well-being of children, individuals with health conditions, and older visitors.

These rules are in place not to limit fun but to safeguard all guests.

There is an abundance of breathtaking rides in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, which provides a wide variety of thrills from ride to ride.

With a Busch Gardens Tampa Bay admission ticket, the entire family can experience heart-pounding thrills where height requirements cater to adventurers of all sizes.

Busch Gardens Tampa has different height requirements for its rides, typically 42 to 54 inches, per legal safety guidelines.

We provide a detailed height requirement table for the park’s rides below.

AttractionsHeight RequirementsRestrictions (if any)
Air Grover38”-42” w/adultUnder 56” with child
Cheetah Hunt48”
Cobra’s Curse42”
Congo River Rapids42”
Elmo’s Safari Go RoundUnder 56”
Falcon’s Fury44”Max. Height 77”
Gwazi GlidersUnder 56”
Rosita’s Djembe Fly AwayUnder 42”
Serengeti ExpressNo minimum
SkyrideNo minimum56” to ride alone
Snuffy’s Elephant RompUnder 56”Unless accompanied by a child
Stanley Falls Flume48”
Tanganyika Tidal Wave48”
Ubanga-Banga Bumper CarsNo minimum
Zoe-Patra & Hippos of The Nile36”-56”

Busch Gardens Tampa enforces clear and strict height requirements for rides, setting minimum and maximum heights in some cases for safety based on the ride’s characteristics.

These rules, detailed at ride entrances and in the provided table, ensure the safety of infants, pregnant women, elderly individuals, and those with certain conditions.

Whenever you decide to plan a visit, keep in mind the height requirements for Busch Gardens.

Staff diligently check these requirements to ensure a safe, enjoyable visit for everyone.

Height restrictions may limit access to some rides, but Busch Gardens has plenty of attractions for everyone, promising a magical experience beyond the rides.

You can help yourself to dazzling shows with incredible performances or acquaint yourself with the vast amount of wildlife present at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

The enjoyment never stops once inside the Busch Gardens, so even if you fail to meet a few Busch Gardens height requirements, there is so much more to do:

These are just a few other activities you can indulge in, even if some members of your groups are on rides.

The Busch Gardens height limits are put in place because Busch Gardens Tampa cares about your safety, but the place is about a lot more than rides.


How tall do you need to be to ride rides at Busch Gardens?

Busch Gardens Tampa ride height requirements vary from ride to ride. Some have a minimum or maximum height requirement, while others don’t.

The Busch Gardens rides are specified in the table mentioned above. They are also mentioned at the entrance of the rides.

How tall do you have to be to ride Montu at Busch Gardens?

The Busch Gardens ride height requirements for the Montu ride is at least 54 inches, with no other restriction.

How tall do you have to be to ride the Griffon at Busch Gardens?

You must be at least 54 inches in height to be permitted onto the Griffon ride.

How tall do you have to be to ride Cobra’s Curse?

The Busch Gardens height requirement for the famous Cobra’s Curse ride is on the lower end of the range at 42 inches.

What is the weight limit for Busch Gardens roller coasters?

There is no specific weight limit to ride the roller coasters at Busch Gardens.

Some rides have sample seats before the queue line to test them out and seats on the ride with larger seat belts. 

Seats can accommodate up to 52 inches in chest size, and staff discretion may apply.

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