Busch Gardens Tampa Kids

Amidst all the fun and excitement, looking out for the children is essential to ensure that they have fun, too.

Busch Gardens offers activities suitable for all ages, with many kid-friendly options that can also entertain adults.

The kid-friendly areas in Busch Gardens Tampa are designed to keep the little ones busy and entertained throughout their visit.

If you’re planning a trip to Busch Gardens with children and want to explore the options available for them, this article will guide you through the various activities.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Sesame Street at Busch Gardens is the first place to be if you are visiting with kids. 

Located on the lower west side of the park, this area is loads of fun for kids.

At Busch Gardens Tampa kid-friendly rides will give little ones the joy of adventure.

Meanwhile, splash zones and play areas will let them run wild and play with other children, and funny shows with their favorite cartoons will entertain them.

With the SeaWorld Orlando Park admission ticket, you can plunge into a world of family-friendly delights and oceanic magic.

Plenty of kid-friendly rides provide fun and enjoyment at Busch Gardens for kids.

Busch Gardens rides for kids

The many Busch Gardens rides for kids along with the attractions at Sesame Street are compiled below:

Elmo’s Treehouse TrekTreehouse, All ages permitted
Air GroverKid-friendly roller coaster
Elmo’s SafariCarousel, All ages permitted
Rosita’s Djembe Fly AwayCarousel, Infants not permitted
The Count’s Zambezi RallyCar ride, Infants not permitted
Big Bird’s Whirly BirdieBucket seat, Infants not permitted
Snuffy’s Elephant RompFlat-ride
Zoe Patra & Hippos of the NileWater-ride
Bert & Ernie’s Watering HoleWater play area
Telly’s Jungle JamPlayground
Cookie Monster Canopy CrawlTunnels & rope bridges, Infants not permitted
Cookie Monster Cloud BounceBounce area, Infants not permitted

Aside from all this, Sesame Street shows are a massive hit with kids.

“Welcome To Our Street” in particular, is a show that interests kids and even adults. It is a show about friendship and beautifully appeals to any audience.

There are also opportunities to meet and greet the Sesame Street friends, an experience that stays with kids for a long time.

While all shows at Busch Gardens are generally suitable for kids, “Welcome To Our Street” and “Storytime at Sesame Street Safari of Fun” are especially kid-friendly.

There is also a lot of fun at the Pantopia and Stanleyville regions of the park, which goes for whole families/groups, not just the young ones.

Other regions of the park with more kid-oriented activities are:-

  • Congo

    The bumper cars in the Congo are a great place to take your kids. They can enjoy the dashing and ducking, and so can the adults.
  • Egypt

    The game area in the Egypt region is an attractive place for kids to visit Busch Gardens Tampa.
  • Morocco

    In this section of Busch Gardens Tampa, kids can enjoy the “Turn It Up! Remix” show and the Gwazi Gliders ride.
  • Bird Gardens

    The bird gardens are adjacent to Morocco on the lowest west side of the park. Kids can feed birds, ducks and even kangaroos if they are older than 5.

Check the height requirements of the Busch Gardens Tampa kids rides for maximum and minimum heights allowed. 

Some rides also need kids to be accompanied by adults or teenagers.

Animals are a must-see for both kids and adults during your visit.

Kids can admire the animals from the Serengeti Express train, animal enclosure walkabouts and select tours

Aldabra Tortoise Tour, Animal Ambassador Insider Tour and Orangutan Insider Tour are kid-friendly tours in Busch Gardens Tampa for kids.

Busch Gardens also has Halloween events for kids if you plan on attending the park during the Halloween season. 

The Spooktacular event contains various kid-friendly activities such as a hay maze, costume parade, trick-or-treating and dance parties.

You can attend Spooktacular if you’re going with family, and you can attend the famous Howl-O-Scream if you are going with friends or adults, as that is too scary and not appropriate for kids.

Kid-friendly tours like the Aldabra Tortoise Tour, Animal Ambassador Insider Tour, and Orangutan Insider Tour are available at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Busch Gardens Tickets for Kids

Children under three years of age do not require a ticket. Other kids are ticketed, but various discounted or free entry packages exist.

The Kids FREE package allows free admission to kids aged three to nine, one kid per paid adult, and other amenities.

For Florida residents, the Busch Gardens Preschool card provides free entry to children under five years of age.

Registration is required, and after activation at the park before a specified date, the Preschool card remains valid for the rest of the year.

Busch Gardens Tampa offers a wealth of kid-friendly rides, areas, and activities, ensuring entertainment for all ages during your family visit.

At Busch Gardens Tampa kids and adults can do plenty of things and make even more memories. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Busch Gardens good for toddlers?

While toddlers can only do so much in an amusement park, Busch Gardens does provide play areas, games, shows, toys, and other ways for a toddler to be entertained. 

It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure they know the toddler’s whereabouts and care about all their needs. 

Busch Gardens has everything you need to keep your toddler happy.  

Is Busch Gardens kid-friendly?

Busch Gardens is kid-friendly. There are multiple rides, attractions, shows, toys and everything else kids need for a memorable visit.

Busch Gardens Tampa kids’ areas are designated to be enjoyed fully by kids.

Does a 2-year-old need a ticket for Busch Gardens Tampa?

No, Busch Gardens tickets for kids are not required for a 2-year-old. 

Tickets are only required from age 3 onwards.

Can you bring a stroller to Busch Gardens Tampa?

Yes, you can bring your own strollers to the park or rent them from the park if needed.

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