Busch Gardens Tampa Parking

Busch Gardens Tampa, a popular family amusement park, offers parking facilities to ensure a stress-free visit. 

Parking rates range from $30 to $50 based on the type of parking, with nearly 5,000 spaces available. 

For easy reference, all parking prices are summarized in a table.

Types of ParkingParking Rate and Requiremnets
General Parking $30
Preferred Parking$35 to $55
Free General ParkingSilver, Gold and Platinum annual pass members
Free Preferred ParkingGold and Platinum annual pass members
Discounted Preferred ParkingSilver annual pass members
Free ParkingTour and School Buses
Accessible Parking with General Parking FeeGuests with disabilities with a valid handicap parking permit

With Fast Track tickets, you can enhance your Busch Gardens Tampa Bay visit and breeze through the rides.

General Parking

General Parking
Image: Tampabay.com

The Busch Gardens parking cost Tampa starts at $30 for general parking, applicable to cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, and campers.

The park offers smooth parking arrangements with up to 5,000 spaces across general and preferred parking areas.

When it comes to parking cost, Busch Gardens Tampa starts at $30 for general parking. 

Depending on availability, the preferred parking rate is more flexible and might be $10 to $20 more than general parking.

If you have a Silver, Gold, or Platinum annual pass, then you can avail the Busch Gardens Tampa free parking in the general area, among other benefits, with valid ID and pass required for access.

A photo I.D. and an annual pass are the requirements for free parking at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Busch Gardens Tampa is a tourist magnet. There may be times when a parking spot might not be available in the Busch Gardens Tampa parking lot.

In that case, here are some other parking areas where you may park within walking distance from those areas to Busch Gardens:

Parking SpaceDistance from Busch Gardens
P2901 1221 N Florida Avenue 6.16 miles walking distance
P2902 6020 Jarvis Street8.64 miles walking distance
P2903 401 S Florida Avenue6.88 miles walking distance 
P2904 9520 W Linebaugh Avenue10.56 miles walking distance
P2905 401 S.Florida6.86 miles walking distance

Keep in mind that these parking lots are privately owned and may have different rules and rates than Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

It’s best to target Busch Gardens Tampa parking, where 5,000 spaces are available. 

To ensure a smooth visit, consider purchasing parking, dining, and passes in advance, freeing up more time upon arrival.

Parking tickets for both general and preferred spots can be bought via the official Busch Gardens Tampa Bay website.

Preferred Parking

Free Parking
Image: Premiumparking.com

The Busch Gardens Tampa preferred parking spots are highly recommended to save time and hassle. 

Preferred Parking at Busch Gardens Tampa, starting at $35, offers convenience and time savings, with rates varying daily based on crowd levels and availability, generally ranging from $45 to $55.

Preferred Parking ticket prices may be closer to general parking rates on less crowded days.

You can read about the best time to visit when there are cheaper parking tickets here.

Preferred parking, nearer to the entrance and in a covered area, protects vehicles from weather and speeds up exit times.

Popular during hot weather and weekends, preferred parking has a height limit of 10’8”. 

Silver Annual Pass holders enjoy a 50% discount, while Gold or Platinum Pass holders can access preferred parking for free.

Free Parking

Parking is free at Busch Gardens with an annual pass.

General Parking is free with the Silver Pass.

Preferred Parking is free with the Gold and Platinum Pass.

Electric Vehicle Charging at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens doesn’t presently have any charging stations; however, this could change as it continues to grow.

This means that EV owners need to make sure that they have a sufficient charge before parking.


How much does parking cost at Busch Gardens Tampa?

The cost of parking at Busch Gardens Tampa for general parking is $30 per car, while preferred parking starts at $35 and is subject to daily adjustment.

Does Busch Gardens Tampa have free parking?

Free parking at Busch Gardens Tampa can be availed by the following: Silver, Gold and Platinum annual pass members, tour, and school buses.

How much is general parking at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Regular parking, also known as general parking, at Busch Gardens Tampa starts at $30 and is free if you have a Silver, Gold or Platinum annual access membership.

How much is it to park in Busch Gardens, Florida?

The cost to park at Busch Gardens Tampa ranges from $30 to $55 based on the general or preferred spot, availability and ticket type.

What time does parking open at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay park hours begin at 9.15 am.
Trams start bringing people to the entrance around that time and you can even enter the park, but the rides and other attractions won’t start till 10 am. 

Featured Image: Premiumparking.com

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