Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Pin Trading Weekend

Pin trading is a very unique event in Busch Gardens Tampa. If you are a pin trader, you should attend this event.

Even if pin-trading is not your hobby, this weekend is enjoyable. Pins are exchanged, and many impressive collections are displayed. 

Multiple games are played with pins on the line; this event fits with the fun vibe of the amusement park and offers a laid-back and relaxed environment. 

Pins can be traded from the park trading boards with stylish collections.

This event isn’t about a trendy hobby but is still pleasurable.

Some upcoming occasions for Pin-Trading weekends are:-

  • Saturday,16 September: 1 pm to 3 pm Venue: Spooktacular Pathway
  • Saturday, 21 October: 7 pm to 9 pm Venue:  Nature’s Kingdom
  • Saturday, 9 December: 12 pm to 2 pm Venue: Build-a-Bear

To participate in this event, pin traders must purchase a pin and show the receipt to the ambassador from the park at the event.

They can then indulge in playful pin trading with ambassadors or other people in the park.

New pins are released frequently so that you can keep adding to your collection all year round. There are designated shops that sell pins and lanyards for this event. 

Once those pins and lanyards are in your possession, you can begin your pin-trading exploits and exchange them with Busch Gardens Ambassadors and guests wearing them. 

This event will not require you to take too much time from your itinerary.

You can exchange pins with the Busch Gardens Ambassadors, who can be found throughout the park in various locations wearing lanyards.

The Ambassadors are present near gift shops, show theaters and the entrance gate. A person can trade 3 pins per ambassador in a day while trading with the other guests in the park.

Indulge in this unique and intriguing activity at Busch Gardens Tampa to add a new experience to your vacation.

The various kinds of pins available during this fun weekend are —

  • Core pins

    Core pins feature the splendid animals of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. They can be used until retired.

  • Collection pins

    Collection pins are a bunch of pins all related to each other. New collections are released now and then to freshen up the pin trading scene.

  • Series

    Series means a bundle of pins that are identified as a group. Collecting the whole series is a neat challenge.

  • Limited edition

    As evident in the name, these pins are limited in quantity and only there for the taking for a limited time. These pins are one of the harder ones to find and collect.

  • Special edition

    Special edition pins are only available for a short time. They feature Busch Gardens Icons and are hotly sought after.

  • Retired pins

    The pins that are retired have this label on them. The park stops producing these pins.

  • Pass member pins

    These pins are only available for the annual membership holders who visit the park.

  • Accessories

    Accessories are not pins; rather, they are items that help make your pin trading exploits better. Accessories include lanyards, pouches, etc.

Pin-trading weekends are rare and a good time. If your visit coincides with a pin-trading weekend, you should attend it. The event might positively surprise you.

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