Rides at Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa delivers an exhilarating trip with exciting rides and engaging attractions. 

The park offers a fantastic experience that mixes the thrill of amusement rides with the wonder of the animal realm.

Busch Gardens includes heart-pounding roller coasters and close encounters with exotic creatures.


Rides are the highlight of any amusement park, and there are multiple stirring rides and attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa that will keep you entertained for hours.

If you like riding roller coasters, spin-coasters, drop towers, water slides, and all the other rides, a ticket to Busch Gardens is like hitting the jackpot.

Here’s a quick look at the most popular and best rides at Busch Gardens Tampa:

Ride NameTypeThrill Level
Iron GwaziRoller coasterExtreme
KumbaRoller coasterExtreme
Falcon’s FuryDrop towerExtreme
SheiKraRoller coasterExtreme
Serengeti FlyerSwing rideExtreme
Cobra’s CurseSpin coasterModerate
Congo River RapidsWhitewater raftingModerate
TigrisRoller coasterHigh
MontuRoller coasterExtreme
Stanley Falls FlumeWater rideModerate

These rides at Busch Gardens in Tampa are among the most popular rides at Busch Gardens Tampa, attracting hordes of eager visitors.

Check the Height Restrictions page to choose the roller coasters that best suit you and your family.

Busch Gardens has a long-standing history, and to remain fresh, it continually evolves to provide visitors with the best experience.

The park always has plans for new rides and attractions to stay current. Some of the new rides at Busch Gardens Tampa are —

  • Serengeti Flyer: Glide over the plains on a breathtaking zipline adventure.
  • Iron Gwazi: Experience the ultimate fusion of wood and steel on this new ride at Busch Gardens Tampa.
  • Cirque Electric: Immerse yourself in an electrifying and mesmerizing acrobatic spectacle like no other.

With a SeaWorld Orlando ticket, you’ll have access to infinite aquatic excitement and exhilarating adventures and the option to enhance your journey by adding Busch Gardens Tampa attractions.

There is ample time to cover all rides at Busch Gardens Tampa if you plan your visit accordingly.

Ride nameTypeThrill Level
Air GroverRoller coasterKid-Friendly
Cheetah HuntRoller coasterHigh
Cobra’s CurseSpin coasterModerate
Congo River RapidsWhitewater raftingModerate
Elmo’s Safari Go RoundCarouselKid-Friendly
Falcon’s FuryDrop towerExtreme
Gwazi GlidersAerial rideKid-Friendly
Iron GwaziHybrid coasterExtreme
KumbaRoller coasterExtreme
MontuRoller coasterExtreme
Rosita’s Djembe Fly AwayCarouselKid-Friendly
ScorpionRoller coasterModerate
Serengeti ExpressTour trainKid-Friendly
Serengeti FlyerSwing rideExtreme
SheiKraRoller coasterExtreme
Snuffy’s Elephant RompFlat rideKid-Friendly
Stanley Falls FlumeWater rideModerate
TigrisRoller coasterHigh
Ubanga-Banga Bumper CarsBumper carsKid-Friendly
Zoe-Patra & Hippos of The NileWater rideKid-Friendly

If roller coasters aren’t your thing, explore the other rides listed in the table. 

Water rides at Busch Gardens Tampa offer great fun and are an excellent alternative to roller coasters.

On the other hand, if you love roller coasters, don’t miss out on Iron Gwazi.

It clocks in at 76 mph (122 kph) and is the fastest ride at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Additionally, it’s the tallest ride in the park, standing at a towering 63 meters.

Ride availability depends on factors like structural integrity, attendance, and popularity. 

Some rides, therefore, are closed temporarily or permanently for servicing, safety maintenance, and other reasons. 

Park authorities continuously plan to add or remove rides, so some mentioned here might be temporarily closed or scheduled for removal when you visit.

While mentioning closed rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay isn’t very helpful, as your visit approaches, check the official website to see which rides and attractions are temporarily closed.

Also, check the ride heights at Busch Gardens Tampa to know which rides you’re eligible for.

We have all the information about height requirements here.


The attractions at Busch Gardens are just as enjoyable as the rides. 

There are plenty of ways to have fun at Busch Gardens, offering a variety of experiences.

Without delay, here is a list of attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa:-

1) Animal Sighting and Interaction

Various animal-related activities, such as elephant tours, penguin tours, and animal care centers, will get you up and close to the animals, giving you a peek into their lives and mannerisms. 

These tours are available for most of the animal attractions at Busch Gardens.

Experience unforgettable animal encounters and interactive adventures with the Tampa Family Fun Pass!

You can also interact with the birds in the park’s free-flight aviary.

2) Concert 

Singers occasionally perform in the park, mainly during festivals or special events.

You can experience them in person with no additional costs except the entry ticket to the park.

3) Safaris

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can explore animals more precisely by embarking on a safari tour. 

Look at the Serengeti Plains, the park’s most animal-populated area. 

It is an open-air vehicle safari, and there is plenty of safe and supervised animal interaction and feeding to do. 

4) Festivals/ Special Occasions      

The park gets a makeover during the festival/holiday season to reflect the theme of the occasion. 

Not only that, but you can enjoy tasty festival-themed food and many activities for kids, youth and everyone else. 

Some notable events are Bier Fest, Summer Nights and the highly popular Howl-O-Scream.

5) Educational Activities

If you wish to learn more about the beautiful wildlife present in Busch Gardens Tampa, there are many educational and fun activities for both students and teachers to participate in. 

These activities range from sleepovers in the park and summer camps to school programs, community programs, and overnight group camps.

6) Shops

The shops at Busch Gardens contain a lot of beautiful and unique memorabilia, gifts, souvenirs, decor items, stuffed animals, toys, ceramics and more, perfect for yourself or loved ones. 

The marketplaces in the park are an attraction of their own and are a must-see when looking for things to do in the park.

7) Restaurants  

There are great restaurants both in and outside Busch Gardens Tampa, where you can enjoy delicious meals at a reasonable price. 

You can order online for the park from these dining establishments or eat in the comfort inside the restaurant. 

They attract many visitors seeking a break or a bite to eat after a fun-filled day.

If you prefer visual information, you can refer to the Busch Gardens attractions map, which highlights the rides, shops, restaurants, and other attractions in the park.

The attractions at Busch Gardens are on par with those found in world-famous amusement parks, making the rides and attractions essential components of the park’s entertainment offerings.

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