Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Summer Nights

Summer Nights event begins with the summer season and brings many fun activities in the park. It is one of Busch Gardens Tampa’s seasonal events.

The fun kicks up a notch as the holidays begin and people start getting out and about. 

The park steps it up for the occasion, and Summer Nights is one of the busiest and most energetic Busch Gardens Tampa events.

Multiple activities take place during Summer Nights at Busch Gardens Tampa

The major crowd-puller is the Summer Nights Fireworks Spectacular, where fireworks in the sky astound the crowd with brilliant patterns and vibrant colors.

Summer Nights event is included in the ticket to the park.

The major shows and presentations during Summer Nights are as follows:-

Turn It Up! Remix

Turn It Up! Remix is an ice-skating show that is a popular presentation during Summer Nights.

It is located in the Moroccan region of the park. Artists perform new routines every year. 

Along with skating, projection events and cool videos are also a part of the show.

All of this combines for a beautiful production.

Feel the energy of Turn It Up! Remix and enjoy this fantastic presentation during your summer holiday. All you need to do is book tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa.


Icons is a show where musical acts perform songs of famous artists. The show takes place in the Dragon Fire Grill Restaurant.

Icons is a mini-concert of a kind where guests are treated to a live performance by musicians and singers.

Enjoy the melodious and fun performances for a memorable time in the Floridian summer.

Gwazi Beats

This is another musical show, but it takes place outdoors. Gwazi Beats electrifies the summer nights with charismatic drumming accompanied by dance performances.

This show is an example of the wide variety of entertainment options available for the visitors at the park, especially during Summer Nights.

Watch this show for no additional cost by purchasing the Busch Gardens Tampa ticket.

Cirque Electric

Cirque Electric takes place in the Stanleyville region of the park. It is an acrobatic show with tremendous feats of balance, acrobatics and athleticism.

This show is usually in huge demand during the Summer Nights event. People flock to the Stanleyville Theater to witness impressive stunts and jaw-dropping performances.

The cirque-style performances enthrall the crowds throughout the presentation. Some performances also incorporate dance into them.

Summer Nights Fireworks Spectacular

This is the main event of Summer Nights, weather permitting. After a fun day at the park, the crowd waits with bated breath for the day’s finale to send them home happy.

Great patterns and various colors illuminate the night skies as the fireworks make the people watch the brilliant display above their heads open-mouthed.

These fireworks are always highly anticipated and are a great way to end the day after enjoying numerous fun rides and attractions.

In the most recent Busch Gardens event calendar, Summer Nights are listed from the 26th of May to the 6th of August.

It begins right as summer is about to arrive and is a great event for families to attend, with summer holidays starting in schools and multiple options in the park for people of all ages to choose from.

This event sets up the occasion beautifully for the 4th of July Independence Day celebration

A special fireworks show on that date celebrates the United States’ freedom with accordingly-themed patterns and colors.

Since the Summer Nights event is included in the price of admission, you get to enjoy it, and other events that run concurrently with it are included in the entrance ticket to the park.

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