Tips for Busch Gardens Tampa 

With your planning for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay nearly complete, here are some tips to make your unforgettable experience even more magical. 


SkyRide is a cable car inside Busch Gardens that runs between Egypt and Congo – two opposite sides of the park.

It offers a unique bird’s eye view of the entire park.

From the cable car, you can spot a variety of animals in the ‘Edge of Africa’ and ‘Nairobi’ areas, and view numerous rides, including the Timbuktu Theater.  

The SkyRide typically takes 10 minutes one way and closes during bad weather.

With a Busch Gardens Tampa Bay ticket—your key to unforgettable adventures at several attractions, you can access a world of thrills and discounts.

Arrive Early

Arrive Early
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The Busch Gardens open around 10 am. It would be best to arrive early to avoid crowds and waiting lines at the rides.

Arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before opening so you can take the first tram to the front gates.

Busch Gardens is extensive, filled with many activities across various sections. Arriving early will give you enough time to explore the park thoroughly, with breaks in between.

If you plan to drive to the gardens, arriving early will ensure you get a parking slot close to the entrance for your convenience.

Dress Appropriately

Busch Gardens
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When deciding what to wear to Busch Gardens, consider the weather and season during which you will be visiting. 

It is usually quite hot in Florida, and even in non-summer times, you probably won’t need heavy clothing. 

Summers can be uncomfortable, as Florida experiences high humidity during this time. 

If you visit during the summer, bring a hat to protect your face and neck from the sun. Keep yourself hydrated and be generous with your sunscreen.

There is always a chance of rain throughout the year in Florida, so grab a poncho while packing and carry an umbrella or raincoat.

Avoid Paying the Whole Amount

Busch Gardens Tampa
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To save money at Busch Gardens Tampa, avoid paying full price by purchasing tickets online in advance to take advantage of discounts or offers.

The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets online cost $118 per person; you can choose a multi-park option. 

Book combo packages that give you access to several attractions so you can get more for your money. 

You can take advantage of all the fun the park offers without breaking the bank by doing your homework and making advance plans.

Visit the Animals

Visit the Animals
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Busch Gardens is often associated with its thrilling roller coasters and rides, boasting some of the world’s most exciting attractions.

However, if rides are busy, consider exploring the incredible animals at Busch Gardens Tampa.

This 335-acre park houses over 200 species, including many rare in the wild.

Take the Serengeti Express, a train ride through the Serengeti Plain, and watch the animals in their natural habitat. There are many other Animal Encounter opportunities. 

Check out the different options and choose the one that suits your needs!

Watch shows

watch shows gardens tampa
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Busch Gardens hosts various fascinating daily events, including upbeat Broadway-style ice skating shows.

There are entrancing belly dancing shows, funny animal acts, and foot-tapping music revue presentations.

Busch Gardens features numerous live performances throughout the year, most of which are covered by the price of the park entrance.

Get an All-Day Dining Pass

Busch Gardens All Day Dining Pass is a worthwhile purchase if you want to visit the park for the entire day or if you have a large group.

This deal allows you to enjoy an entrée platter, a side or dessert, and a soft drink or bottled water every hour at select restaurants:

  • Zagora Café
  • Serengeti Overlook Café
  • Kenya Kanteen
  • Sheikra Eats
  • Bengal Bistro
  • Dragon Fire Grill
  • Zambia Smokehouse

Start the Day Off with the Big Rides

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Create a list of “must-do” rides and attractions to prioritize on your visit.

Don’t decide which ride to sit on by looking at the lines, go where you want to go the most for more enjoyment.

Plan your top picks before arriving; early visitors often face shorter waits, allowing direct access to these attractions.

To make the most of your time at Busch Gardens Tampa, start with the major attractions. 

Bypass the crowds and head straight for thrilling coasters like Sheikra and Montu for a morning filled with excitement and minimal waiting.

Buy a Pass 

The best tip for saving money at Busch Gardens Tampa is to buy a multiple park pass or a citypass.

If you plan multiple visits within a year, a season pass, priced at $144 for the year, offers significant savings. 

This pass can be bought in installments, providing a more affordable option than buying individual tickets.

Become Familiar with the Queue Pass

A valuable addition to your Busch Gardens Tampa itinerary is the Quick Queue pass.

Although it costs more, the time it saves makes it worthwhile, as time is indeed money.

A quick queue pass can reduce your time waiting in line for your favorite ride. 

All-day dining passes offer convenient meal options at many of the the big restaurants in the park while also getting a good deal.

In addition to key tips for Busch Gardens Tampa, be aware of a few more useful points:

  • When wondering what to bring to Busch Gardens, bags without wheels are permitted according to Busch Gardens bag policy.
  • The park offers a Sunny Day Guarantee, allowing for a complimentary return visit within a year if inclement weather disrupts your day.
  • The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Park app is an essential tool for planning your visit, featuring an interactive map, mobile food ordering, and updates on park activities.

Time-Saving Tips

Time-Saving Tips
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Maximize your one day at the park with these time-saving tips:

  • Another Busch Gardens tip is to rent a locker to store unnecessary items, with options for single-use or all-day rentals, keeping your belongings safe while you explore.
  • Use the park’s Wi-Fi to stay connected with your group, making it easier to regroup after separate activities.
  • A membership pass streamlines parking, entry, and offers discounts, simplifying your visit.
  • Consider riding the Serengeti Express for an overview of the park. It allows you to spot animals, rides, shops, and more, helping you adjust your plans on the go.

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips
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Making your trip to Busch Gardens Tampa both time and cost-effective is crucial. Here are best tips for saving money:

  • Visit in a large group to qualify for discounts.
  • Bring your water bottle to avoid having to pay extra.
  • All-day dining deals can save you money while making it convenient to get food.
  • Plan your visit during off-peak seasons for savings on hotels, dining, and tickets.
  • Use a Tampa Bay CityPASS. A CityPASS is a bundled ticket to all the main attractions in the city, so you can save on visits to other places in Tampa as well. 

Here are essential tips to enhance your Busch Gardens Tampa visit and avoid common pitfalls:

1) Don’t forget essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and water to avoid discomfort. Check the weather forecast to pack appropriately.

2) Choose your parking spot wisely. Aim for a spot near the tram to avoid traffic jams when leaving.

3) Don’t miss out on the animals. They’re a key part of the Busch Gardens experience, offering a unique aspect to your visit alongside rides and food.

4) Consider purchasing a dining pass for meals at the park’s renowned restaurants. This is one of the best tips to save money and stay energized.

5) When you need a break, enjoy the park’s shows. They offer a chance to relax in air-conditioned comfort while still experiencing the park’s entertainment.

The only thing left now is for you to get the ball rolling and get those tickets.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I get the best day at Busch Gardens Tampa?  

You can have the best day at Busch Gardens Tampa by following the tips for Busch Gardens Tampa. 

This includes picking the best time to go, planning the visit and making the most of your time.

What not to miss in Busch Gardens Tampa?

Make sure to not miss the animals of Busch Gardens Tampa. The regal beings and fascinating animals on display are sure to be a highlight of your trip. 

Animal watching, feeding and learning is one of the best things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa.

How long does it take to see everything at Busch Gardens Tampa?

It generally takes about 11-12 hours to see everything that Busch Gardens Tampa has to offer. 

You may split your visit to the amusement park into multiple days or do it all in one day by following the plan we have made for you.

What is the least busy day at Busch Gardens Tampa?

The least busy day at the park is Wednesday. 

That, coupled with the tips for Busch Gardens Tampa that we gave you, can make for a fantastic, time and money-efficient visit to the park without any rush.

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