Busch Gardens Tampa Tours

The tours at Busch Gardens aren’t only limited to safaris; you can pick multiple other tours based on your interests. 

We’ll look at the many Busch Gardens Tampa tours the park offers.   

Here are the different Busch Gardens tours and their price ranges.

TourPrice Range
Serengeti Safari$40 to $70
Elite VIP Tour$430 to $680
Bier Fest VIP Tour$100
Elephant Insider Tour$30 to $50
Rescue Tails Encounter$25
Roller Coaster Insider Tour $40 to $60
Cheetah Insider Tour$30 to $50
Orangutan Insider Tour$30 to $60
Tiger Insider Tour$30 to $50
Australia Insider Tour$40 to $60
Keeper For A Day Tours$250
Animal Ambassador Insider$20 to $30
Animal Care Center Tour$20
Sloth Encounter$70 to $110
Gorilla Insider Tour$30 to $50
Hippo Insider Tour$30 to $50
Aldabra Insider Tour$20 to $30
Penguin Insider Tour$30 to $50

Serengeti Safari

Check out the variety of animals that live safely in Busch Gardens by hopping on the Serengeti Safari. 

Feed, interact with, and learn about animals while capturing memorable photos with them. 

Tickets start at $40 and can reach $70 during peak seasons, holidays, etc.

Please note that this Busch Gardens animal tour is a separately ticketed event.

For further details about this tour, click here.

Elite VIP Tour

This is one of the most exclusive Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tours.

As in the name, this tour gives you an elite experience as the park treats you like a guest of honor. 

No waiting for rides, preferred parking, guide assistance, and lunch at your favorite restaurant are just some of the perks of this amazing tour. 

It has a higher price range because of the special amenities provided, with the ticket price ranging from $430 to $680, depending on any extra add-ons or upgrades you might want. 

All details about this tour are covered here.

Bier Fest VIP Tour

The Bier Fest event is popular in the park, where food and beer recipes from around the world are on display. 

With a Bier Fest VIP tour, you receive a convenient tour guide who provides samples of some of the world’s finest beverages and flavors. 

That is not all; you also get to skip the lines on roller coasters if you purchase this tour. 

You also learn a lot about the exciting history and expansion of the park, going back to 1959.

Other perks include:

  • 8-item sampler with 7 beer samples, one brew-inspired dish, and water when roaming the park.
  • Limited to just 8 guests per tour, ensuring you can enjoy the festival without dealing with overcrowding and in a more personalized manner.
  • The tour lasts 2 hours and gives you enough time to do everything you can without hurrying.
  • A complimentary lorikeet-feeding session. You get to interact with the sweet birds and feed them nectar.

You can take this Busch Gardens brewery tour with many other conveniences for $100.

Elephant Insider Tour

There are many Busch Gardens animal tours the park offers. 

This one focuses on the park’s large creatures, particularly elephants.

During this 30-minute off-road expedition, you’ll visit their habitat to observe their care and habits, and learn about conservation efforts.

Priced between $30 to $50, this educational tour offers both fun and learning experiences.

Rescue Tails Encounter

Rescue Tails is a heartwarming show featuring stories of adorable animals rescued from peril and brought to safety at Busch Gardens

With the Rescue Tails Encounter tour, you get reserved seats to watch the presentation in a home-like comfort.

After the show, you’ll have a 15-minute opportunity to interact with one of the rescued animals up close. 

This tour offers a unique chance to learn about these animals and interact with them firsthand.

The ticket prices are set at $25.

Roller Coaster Insider Tour

The Roller Coaster Insider Tour is one of the special Busch Gardens Tampa behind-the-scenes tours.

For one hour, you have front-of-the-line access to three big roller coasters – Montu, Cheetah Hunt and Cobra’s Curse.

Not just that, you’ll also get a glimpse into the control rooms of these rides, learn about their operation and maintenance, and gain fascinating insider knowledge.

Of course, it’s important to meet the height requirements for the rides, but this tour offers much more than just thrilling rides.

Tickets for the Busch Gardens roller coaster insider tour range from $40 to $60.

Cheetah Insider Tour

On this tour, you’ll join animal care experts for a 30-minute experience, getting up close to these majestic cats and observing their care and training.

Seeing Cheetahs from such a close distance is an astonishing experience, as you learn a lot about them and why they must be conserved.

The tickets for this tour are set at $30 to $50.

Orangutan Insider Tour

Orangutans are endangered animals, making this tour a unique opportunity for visitors to see them up close through specially designed windows.

You’ll also accompany animal care specialists who oversee the care and training of these remarkable creatures.

During the tour, you’ll have the chance to interact face-to-face with the orangutans, witnessing their intelligent behavior as they clap, repeat commands, and react to your actions.

This is a very out-of-the-ordinary and informative tour, with prices ranging from $30 to $60.

Tiger Insider Tour

This tour takes you to the animal that sits at the top of the food chain in Asia. 

You can view this majestic creature breathtakingly close with just a glass in between. 

Like other animals, you also learn about the care tigers receive and conservation efforts.

Also, you get to observe it closely while it swims, as an aquarium-esque window is provided for that.

The price tag for this tour ranges from $30 to $50.

Australia Insider Tour

The famous kangaroos from Australia take center stage in this tour. 

On this tour, you go for a 30-minute walk inside the kangaroo habitat in Busch Gardens

Guests learn many new things about these marsupials and hand-feed the various kangaroo species. 

Everyone can enjoy this Busch Gardens family fun tour.

While one would usually imagine kangaroos hopping around and kicking, they are pretty calm and friendly as long as you let them have their space and listen to the caretakers. 

You can even take photos with them. This tour is priced from $40 to $60.

Keeper for a Day Tours

This is one of the more extraordinary Busch Gardens Tampa tours that goes beyond just animal interaction and gives you an experience of how it feels to be around and care for endangered animals.

You have three options to choose from for this tour: Animal Ambassador, Australia Insider, or Elephant Insider.

Tourists can be animal keepers for a day in one of these animal habitats, care for the animals, and learn more about the training. 

They also receive a name tag to wear during the experience. This unique behind-the-scenes tour lasts for four hours.

You must be over 13 years of age to do this tour. Since this is a personal experience with the animals, this is a bit more pricey at $250.

Animal Ambassador Insider

On this tour, you’ll enjoy a 30-minute walk through the habitat of the animal ambassador species while animal experts provide interesting insights about them.

People meet these ambassadors and learn a lot of intriguing facts about them. 

You can also hand-feed the marvelous flamingoes in their habitat.

The tour has a price range of $20 to $30.

Animal Care Center Tour

This tour is more than animal interaction. This experience shows the treatment room and clinical lab where animals are treated and medical research occurs.

Animal sightings cannot be guaranteed here, but you can watch the veterinary treatment in the treatment room if there is a sick or hurt animal. 

As it is a medical area, observation is conducted from behind glass, but witnessing large and rare creatures receiving treatment can be fascinating. 

At the same time, an educational guide tells you all about the park’s treatment and conservation efforts. 

You can take this tour for $20.

Sloth Encounter 

This is an exhilarating opportunity and one of the most popular Busch Gardens Tampa tours. 

Interact with the cool and amazing sloths on your 30-minute walk inside their habitat.

At times, you’ll have the chance to feed and interact with the sloth under the supervision of a tour guide.

You also get to have a training experience feeding and handling the sloths while learning about them and the need to conserve them.

The tickets for this encounter range from $70 to $110.

Gorilla Insider Tour

The Gorilla Insider Tour takes you on a 30-minute exploration of everything gorilla-related, allowing you to observe these big and strong apes and learn about their diet, groups, and lives.

Along with the usual education about the animals, this tour includes a private session in front of the observatory windows at Myombe Reserve.

This tour costs between $30- $50.  

Hippo Insider Tour

On this guided tour, you can meet these enormous animals in their natural habitat. 

There is also a unique opportunity to feed the hippos and learn about the need for and efforts to conserve them.

This tour costs between $30 to $50.

Aldabra Insider Tour

Aldabra is one of the largest tortoise species in the world. 

It lives safely at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Park, where you can interact closely with it and learn more about it. 

This is a 30-minute tour where you feed, interact, and take photos with the second-largest tortoise in the world. 

The tour has a price range of $20 to $30.

Penguin Insider Tour

The warm-weather penguins in the park are one of the cutest attractions. 

Observe them and their adorable antics on the Busch Gardens Penguin Insider Tour. 

You can see them swimming and walking around on this tour. 

They also interact with humans and take kindly to pets! Interact with the African Penguins and learn more about them by booking a tour for $30 to $50.  

The Busch Gardens Tampa tours are a great way to spend some time in the park.

Most tours offered at Busch Gardens are family-friendly tours that everyone can enjoy. 

Feel calm, feed the animals, and learn valuable information about their training and conservation with your preferred Busch Gardens tour.

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